Talking Scent with Tamara Mayne

Brooklyn Candle Studio is an independent candle design and manufacturing studio based out of Brooklyn, New York. Handcrafted by a small team with a blend of soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free perfume oils, dreamy botanical scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories. Brooklyn Candle Studio prides itself on ethical production, and the use of high-quality sustainable ingredients across thoughtful fragrance compositions. From the artful minimalist packaging to the warm candlelight, these delicate aromas fill any room perfectly.

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Your aromas are dreamy and such a full sensory experience. What scents and smells come to mind when thinking about the following colors?

  • BLUE: Marine notes — the salty sea breeze by the ocean

  • ORANGE: Citrus fruits — mandarins, bergamot, orange blossom

  • GREEN: Dewy smells of the forest — ferns, moss, tree bark, fallen leaves

  • PURPLE: Ube, a yam ubiquitous in the Philippines where my parents are from. It's sweet and full of flavor — lots of ice creams and pastries are made with ube! 

  • YELLOW: Curry 

  • PINK: Bubblegum

  • RED: Roses!

Five things inspiring or influencing your design/creation process right now:

  1. Juergen Teller

  2. La Croix

  3. Suede

  4. Terracotta 

  5. Palo Santo


A song to describe your collections: 

Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon. Not so much in a literal sense, but I feel like if there were a song to embody the vibe of our collection, this would be it. 

How do you like being based at Brooklyn’s Industry City? 

My favorite part about our location is the proximity of amazing food! I don't actually get to enjoy it that often as I've worked from home for the past 2 years (watching my toddler until he starts preschool), but when I'm there I really love to chow down on the ramen/sushi/izakaya from Japan Village, and Ends Meat makes the best soups ever. My team takes advantage of the yoga classes there, and there are some other cool attractions like the recent Escher exhibit. It's also really great to be part of this community of other makers and entrepreneurs; many of us have gotten to know each other and share stories and resources. Or just vent about the struggles of business ownership!

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Best gift you ever received: 

A book my husband made and gave to me when he proposed.

Most cherished object in your home: 

My DSLR camera

What excites you most about 2019? 

Putting my new knowledge from the Studio Lighting class I just took at SVA (School of Visual Arts) to use! I can't wait to photograph and style our new products, it’s one of my favorite job responsibilities!