Shoppe Object

With a firm belief that the New York home and gift market was long overdue for radical evolution, SHOPPE OBJECT debuted in August 2018 and reimagined what a trade event for our community could look and feel like. As the market season’s grand finale, and as a global epicenter of creative output, we believed that New York should offer a pared-down showcase of exactly who discerning retailers need to meet, and of what they need to see, know, and buy. A focus on elevated and synergistic collections of new product is now SHOPPE OBJECT’S signature experience, highlighting an intimate and curated environment with engagement, activation, opportunity and cheer. SHOPPE OBJECT offers brands and merchants an exciting new platform custom-built for forging community, collaboration, and new business.

All of us at SHOPPE OBJECT would like to express our deepest gratitude to the stellar and courageous designers and makers, and to the throngs of discerning buyers, tastemakers, and members of the press who joined us for our premiere show in August. The overwhelming enthusiasm and joyful communal spirit were truly infectious, and made for an unforgettable experience. We wanted positive change, and we got it – thanks to all of you! We are so very grateful, and so very excited to share our next iteration in February 2019.

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